We visit your home for a set amount of time to take care of your pets.
We stay 24/7 in  your home so yours pets can get the love and attention they are accustomed to.
Why leave your pet at a kennel when they can have all the comforts of a home. From the moment you leave your pet with us we will love and spoil them. So they won't even miss you  but will be happy when you pick them up.
Keep your pet "HAPPY" with a daily  or weekly walk. Imagine how happy  and calm

your pets will be when you get home because they already had their walk.

We come to your home so your pets routine is never changed and they can just relax.
We open our homes so your

pets can have a fun day.  

We come and stay with your pets from 3-8 hours during the day.

Cancellation Policies

Our cancellation fee will be determined at the time you cancel. Once you have booked our staff we will not book any other clients for that time frame. Consequently we cannot re-book our staff and you will be charged the following cancellation fee.

All booked visits that are cancelled will be charged a 25 % fee.


Current Clients that use OC Pet Companions weekly will be charge the price of the next visit.


Return Early Policy

One you have booked our time we reserve our staff exclusively for you and cannot recover that time with a new booking. We offer no refunds or credits for early returns.


Holiday Vacation clients will be required to pay a deposit of 25% due upon booking your pet care services. The balance of the bill will be due one week before the sit.